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Richard Crawford

A native Scotsman, Richard Crawford grew up with an innate respect for heritage and appreciation for tradition.  

As a child, he became increasingly interested in culture and history, and could often be found at the local airport in Paisley where he would sit for hours, fascinated by the travelers, captivated by their sophistication, and curious about their backgrounds. As an adult, Crawford relishes the opportunity to travel and experience the world firsthand, and never misses an opportunity to share his stories of adventures with others.​

Since 2012, Crawford has travelled the world producing video programs and writing articles for publications that focus on luxury travel and unique experiences.  Whether profiling an exclusive private island resort in the Maldives, staying in an elaborate treehouse in a Swedish forrest , or skiing a glacier in Chile, Crawford brings his unique presenting style to every project.


Crawford has appeared on many TV and radio shows including Fox News Network, CW11 New York, BBC America, Bloomberg, The, as well as many magazines and trade publications including GQ, Esquire and WhiskyLife Magazine.  In 2009 Crawford was awarded “The Certificate for Outstanding Contribution” by the James Beard Foundation.


Passionate about the health of our planet and modern social issues Crawford was encouraged by the efforts of many of the luxury brands towards eco tourism, sustainability and social responsibility.  So much so that Crawford deemed it important to retell their stories with authenticity, credibility, charisma and charm. He builds an emotional connection with his audience, ultimately transforming these luxury brands into an enriched experience of life with a focus on environmental stewardship.

Tel: 917-387-6615

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